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Hedrin Once Spray Gel is a clinically proven and convenient solution for treating head lice infestations effectively. This easy-to-use spray gel formulation contains powerful ingredients that immobilize and kill head lice and their eggs (nits) in just one application. With its non-messy application and fast action, Hedrin Once Spray Gel provides a hassle-free solution to help eradicate head lice and restore scalp health.


Fast and Effective: Hedrin Once Spray Gel is designed to work quickly, eliminating head lice and nits in just one application, reducing the need for multiple treatments.

Non-Messy Application: The spray gel formula is easy to apply without dripping, making the treatment process more convenient and less messy.

Suitable for All Ages: This product is suitable for both adults and children over 6 months old, making it a versatile choice for the whole family.

Skin-Friendly: Hedrin Once Spray Gel is dermatologically tested and gentle on the skin, providing a safe and effective head lice treatment.

How to Use and Apply:

Shake the bottle well before use.

Apply Hedrin Once Spray Gel to dry hair, ensuring full coverage of the scalp and hair, paying particular attention to the back of the head and neck.

Massage the gel into the hair, ensuring it reaches the roots and all the way to the tips.

Leave the gel on the hair for at least 15 minutes to allow it to work effectively.

After the recommended exposure time, comb through the hair using a fine-toothed comb to remove dead lice and nits.

Rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water and shampoo to remove any remaining gel.

Repeat the process after 7 days to ensure any newly hatched lice are also eliminated.


Hedrin Once Spray Gel 60 ml may contain the following active ingredient:

Dimeticone: An effective silicone-based substance that suffocates head lice and disrupts their ability to move and survive.

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