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Kamasutra Chill Thrill Condoms are specially designed to add an exciting and adventurous twist to your intimate moments. These condoms are crafted with care to provide a thrilling sensation, combining a cooling effect with reliable protection. The 3S pack includes three premium condoms, each offering a unique and pleasurable experience. With Kamasutra Chill Thrill, you can explore new levels of pleasure and intimacy with your partner, making every encounter a memorable and exhilarating one.

  • Thrilling Sensation: Kamasutra Chill Thrill Condoms provide a refreshing and cooling sensation, heightening pleasure and intensifying intimate experiences.
  • Reliable Protection: These condoms are made from high-quality materials, offering effective protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies.
  • Adventure and Variety: The 3S pack includes three different condoms, allowing you to experiment and find the perfect one for your desires and preferences.
  • Enhanced Intimacy: With the thrilling sensation, Kamasutra Chill Thrill condoms promote a deeper connection and shared pleasure between partners.
  • Premium Quality: Kamasutra is a trusted brand known for its commitment to quality and safety, ensuring a satisfying and worry-free experience.
How to Use & Apply:
  • Preparation: Ensure you have the Kamasutra Chill Thrill condom readily available before any intimate activity.
  • Open with Care: Tear open the condom packet carefully, avoiding any damage to the condom inside.
  • Orientation: Check the condom's orientation and unroll it slightly to ensure it is facing the right way.
  • Application: With the penis erect, place the rolled-up condom on the tip of the penis.
  • Roll Down: Gently roll the condom down the length of the erect penis until it covers the entire shaft.
  • Reservoir Tip: Leave a small space at the tip to accommodate semen and reduce the risk of breakage.
  • During Use: During sexual activity, you will experience the cooling and thrilling sensation of the condom.
  • Disposal: After ejaculation, carefully remove the condom, tie the open end to prevent spillage, and dispose of it responsibly.
  • Kamasutra Chill Thrill Condoms are made from high-quality latex material and may contain a lubricant that provides the cooling effect. Please refer to the product packaging for a complete list of ingredients.
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