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Last updated date: May 20, 2022


a. This website with the URL of ("Website/Site") is operated by New Medilife Pharmacy, ("We/Our/Us").

b. We are dedicated to supplying the greatest quality products to our consumers. However, Products may be found to be defective or malfunctioning on rare circumstances. In such circumstances, we provide return and refund options as outlined in this Refund Policy ("Policy").

c. You should read Our Terms and Conditions as well as this Policy..

d. You agree to be governed by the terms of this Policy without alteration by using this website. You should not transact on this website if you do not agree to the terms included in this Policy..

e. We offer a 7 days refund Policy for the eligible Products.

f. Please read this Policy before making a purchase on this Website so that You are aware of Your rights and what You can expect from Us if You are dissatisfied with your purchase.


a. "Business Days" - means a day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday, or bank holiday in United Arab Emirates or in the state where our office is located.

b. "Customer" refers to a person who buys goods or receives services for a fee, but does not include someone who buys goods or receives services to resell.

c. "Day of Transaction" refers to the date on which a product or service was purchased, as well as the date on which any renewal was completed in accordance with its terms and conditions of the applicable product or service agreement.

d. "Website" - means this website with the URL:


Every attempt is taken to fulfil orders in accordance with the specifications and dates stated for each Product. If an order is not shipped or delivered due to unforeseen events or constraints on Our part, the order is cancelled, and the sum paid by You is returned.

You can cancel your order after the transaction date but before the product is shipped. Once the dispatch has begun, the order cannot be cancelled..

If You ordered the wrong product model, colour, or inappropriate goods or service, We will not accept a refund.

If you return something that qualifies, we'll reimburse the full amount less the original shipping and handling expenses.

A return or refund will only be considered when the Customer has provided all necessary documentation and proof.

Any return or refund will be subject to an authorised person on Our behalf testing and verifying the purported issue.

If the product is found to be in excellent working order and free of defects following the testing method, We will return it to you, and you will be responsible for the shipping costs.

Only the identical product/model will be eligible for replacement if stock is available. If the same product/model is not available, a refund will be issued.

Refunds are applied to the original payment option once qualified.

Please be advised that products purchased using the Cash on Delivery option will be returned to the Bank account associated with the information you gave to Us.

Customers who want to file a warranty claim should follow the manufacturer's instructions and warranty procedure. If the product manufacturer's contact information is not available, we will assist you in contacting the manufacturer directly to resolve your issues.

l. Please keep in mind that Digital Products are non-returnable unless they are materially non-conforming to their specifications or the physical media on which they are delivered is damaged.


a. Please contact your bank if the amount has been deducted but the order has not been validated. The sum is reversed by the corresponding bank within 7 (seven) business days.

b. If the problem has not been fixed within 7 (seven) Business Days, please contact Our customer service team at


a. If the Customer shows that the goods was delivered in defective condition or with physical damage within 12 hours of receipt, a replacement will be given.

b. We will arrange for the damaged product to be repaired, collected and replaced with a comparable product, or a refund if you notify us within 12 hours of receiving the products.

c. Any damaged product must be returned in the same condition as it was when you received it, including any packaging and any materials that came with it.


a. Notwithstanding everything else in this Policy, We may refuse to repair, replace, or refund a product or service you purchased if:

1. the item purchased is on sale or is a promotional item (discounts, giveaways, etc.).

II. whether or not the goods has been used or opened.

III. the goods are not in the same state as when they were delivered.

IV. mistreated the product in a way that contributed to the problem.

V. Before you purchased the product or service, you were made aware of the problem(s).

VI. Free gifts or services

VII. the product has been tampered with or has been damaged.

VIII. After the return window has closed or the refund period has expired, the product is returned.

IX. The UAE Consumer Protection Act allows for any such exclusions.


a.We will assist you in returning the product. However, the client is responsible for all costs associated with packaging or returning the product..

b. If the customer returns the product, the customer bears the risk of loss. Because proof of postage does not guarantee arrival, you should send your goods through recorded delivery, registered mail, or courier..


a. The following is how to make a cancellation request for the products:

You can request the return or fund by contacting us though any of these following options : Email:

Phone : +971 522265580

b. You are only eligible to return a product if it is returned in the identical condition in which it was received.

c. Properly package the merchandise and label it with the order number, return address, and Your address.

d. The item must be returned in its original condition.

e. We are not responsible for packages that are damaged in transit back to us. It is the customer's obligation to properly package the item to avoid damage during transit.

f. As applicable, our technical support or customer support professionals will advise You on the method of delivery to use for returning the products. Product returns that have been permitted must be submitted to the address provided by Our authorised employees.

g. If the order is returned without any accessories (including freebies) that were delivered with it, the cost of the accessories will be deducted from the refund amount.

h. We will evaluate the returned product once we receive it to determine the defect you have reported..

i.Along with the returned product, a copy of the receipt or invoice must be included.

j. You will be notified via email or SMS at the email address or mobile number you gave to Us.


a.Your data may be saved in the device you are returning to us in some cases. Before returning the product, you should make a backup and erase all of your data. We are not liable for any data loss or misuse..

b. Our privacy policy also governs the protection of your data provided to Us during the return and refund process.


a. Refunds are normally processed within 7 Business Days after the completion of quality checks of the product returned.

b. After verifying the authenticity of the refund request, refunds are usually completed within 7 business days.

c. The time it takes to get a refund may vary depending on the banking and payment channels used, and We are not responsible for any errors or delays caused by banks or third-party service providers.


Once a return or refund request has been submitted, it can be cancelled by contacting customer service at


If a return request is not in line with this Policy or applicable laws, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel it..


Please contact Us using the information below if you have any feedback, concerns, or questions.

Customer Care: