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The Oppo Wrist Support Elastic (2281) is a medical support device designed to provide compression and support to the wrist area. It can be used for various purposes, including helping to alleviate discomfort, providing stability, or aiding in the recovery from wrist injuries or conditions.


  • The OPPO Elastic Wrist Support provides firm support for the maintenance of joint structures with gentle compression over the wrist.

  • It is made from quality 4-way stretchable material with a cotton lining for long lasting, comfortable support.

  • This elastic wrist support retains heat to relieve pain, and helps to avoid the frustration resulting from an injured or weak wrist.

Uses & How to Apply

  • Select the Correct Size:Ensure that you have the appropriate size for your wrist. The Oppo Wrist Support Elastic (2281) comes in different sizes (small, medium, large, etc.), so choose the one that fits your wrist comfortably.

  • Preparation:Make sure your wrist and the surrounding area are clean and dry before applying the wrist support.

  • Identify the Wrist Support:The Oppo Wrist Support Elastic (2281) typically consists of a sleeve-like elastic support.

  • Position the Support:Slide the wrist support over your hand and up your arm so that it covers and supports the affected wrist. Ensure that it is centered over your wrist joint.

  • Adjust for Comfort:Make sure the wrist support is positioned comfortably and provides the desired compression and support. It should fit snugly but not be overly tight, as excessive compression can cause discomfort.

  • Secure the Support:The Oppo Wrist Support Elastic (2281) typically does not have straps or closures. It relies on the elastic material to hold it in place. Adjust the position of the support as needed to ensure that it stays securely in place over your wrist.

  • Check Fit:Ensure that the wrist support fits comfortably and securely, providing the support you need for your wrist.

  • Range of Motion:Test your range of motion to ensure that the support allows you to move your wrist comfortably. It should not restrict your movements excessively.

  • Daily Use:You can wear the Wrist Support Elastic (2281) during your daily activities or when needed, depending on your condition and the advice of a healthcare professional.

  • Care and Maintenance:Follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Typically, elastic wrist supports can be hand-washed with mild soap and water, then air-dried. Avoid exposing them to excessive moisture or heat.

Who needs to use 

    Oppo Wrist Support Elastic is suitable for adults.

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