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Reparil gel is a special formulation with a 3-fold action: Anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving. It is usually indicated in cases of contusions, crush injuries, sprains, bruises, hematoma and tendonitis. Painful conditions of the vertebral column (disc lesions, neck pain, lumbago, and sciatica), superficial thrombophlebitis, and varicose veins or for care of the veins after injections or infusions.


Transparent and penetrates rapidly and completely into the affected tissuesIt does not make the skin greasy, does not smear and is therefore particularly clean and pleasant to use;Reparil gel cools the painful area, is kind to the skin and is outstandingly well tolerated even on sensitive parts of the skin.

How to use:

Unless otherwise directed, spread a thin layer of the gel onto the skin of the affected area once daily or more frequently. It is not necessary to rub the gel into the skin, but this may be done if desired. Frequently Bought Together Reparil Gel NAED 19.5 Fashy Hot Water Bag Fleece Cover 6712AED 44.25AED 5925%OffAED 63.75AED 78.5 (19%Off)Add to Car


Manufacturer:MEDA Pharma

Country Of Origin:Germany


Weight:100 g

Gender:Male, Female, Unisex

Pack Specification:Tube

Life Stage:AdultsUsage:Topicalt

Reparil N Gel, also known as Reparil Gel N, is a topical medicine containing the active ingredient escin derived from horse chestnut seeds. It is often used for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Here are some of the most common uses for Reparil N Gel

Relief of inflammatory diseases:

Reparil Gel is primarily used to reduce inflammation and related symptoms. When applied topically to the affected area, it can reduce swelling, redness, and pain caused by conditions such as sprains, strains, bruises, and sports injuries.

Treatment of varicose veins:

Reparil Gel is often used as an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of varicose veins. Gently applying the gel to the affected area can improve circulation, reduce swelling, and ease the discomfort associated with varicose veins.

Sports injuries and musculoskeletal disorders:

Reparil N Gel is beneficial for athletes and physically active people. Helps reduce inflammation, pain and swelling associated with sports injuries, muscle injuries, ligamentous injuries and other musculoskeletal conditions.

Post-operative care:

Reparil N Gel 100MG may be used as part of post-operative care to promote healing and reduce inflammation at the surgical site. May be used topically as directed by a healthcare professional to relieve post-operative discomfort and aid the recovery process. Skin bruises and hematomas:

Applying Reparil cream to skin bruises and hematomas reduces swelling, improves blood circulation and accelerates the healing process. Relieves the pain and tenderness associated with these conditions.

It is important to note thatReparil N Gel should be used as directed by your doctor or as directed on the package. If you have any special concerns or questions regarding the use of Reparil Gel, it is best to consult your healthcare professional for personalized advice and guidance. 

Short description:


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